WEgate Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

  1. Better policies for equal rights
  2. Exchange success stories
  3. Access to trainings & education


  1. Hear their objectives and concerns
  2. Ensure their access to / appropriate support
  3. Provide them w/ tailored marketing tools and training on how to make the best of them


  1. Mentoring programmes
  2. Encouragement
  3. Education


  1. Fight for their rights
  2. Be inclusive
  3. Value true efforts and skills


  1. Improve financing ratios for women-led business projects
  2. Create business synergies between women entrepreneurs
  3. Greater visibility and dissemination of female references

Neila Sanz,35

  1. Role plays at school about being a businessperson - it all starts with "enlightening the entrepreneurial spark" in the early age!
  2. Give women equal respect as men also in language. Example: men are usually called with their Surname; women are called with their First Name. As if they were less important/less credible. This affects the perception of women in power!
  3. More/cheaper childcare facilities


  1. More women in senior positions in public and private companies
  2. Teach our children the important role of the woman in history


  1. Better social protection guidelines
  2. tronger networking among women in entrepreneurial sector (local, regional, international)
  3. Support (from social, community, financial aspect) for women entrepreneurs which became mother


  1. Implementing entrepreneur-friendly education systems in EU Member States, rebuilding a gender-neutral scheme
  2. Going beyond the pay gap by upgrading working conditions of women
  3. Ensuring equal opportunities in business (access to finance, raising maternity and paternity leave etc...)


  1. Create a hotline for female entrepreneurs to call for help to navigate the EU funding Options
  2. Offer affordable training/mentoring/networking events/conferences in EU countries during school holidays (+option to bring kids)
  3. Create tailored business competitions


  1. Help us build confidence!
  2. Offer coaching and mentoring
  3. Bring and keep us together


  1. Equal rights
  2. Education
  3. Support


  1. Encouraging leadership jobs for women
  2. Encouraging diversity in every field
  3. Giving equal maternity/paternity leave for both parents so they can work and have the same opportunities


  1. Measures that allow the real reconciliation, for both men and women
  2. Validation and social recognition as entrepreneurs and business owners
  3. A greater presence of women in the positions of responsibility of the organizations in which decisions are taken


  1. Provide support in access to finance especially for innovation funds
  2. Collect and promote events relevant for WE
  3. Promote and highlight relevant Calls of H2020 in Gender Issues


  1. Less Burocracy
  2. Equal Rights
  3. More Network










  1. WE should be included and financed in National and Regional Operative Programmes (European cohesion policy 2021-2027)
  2. Friendly information on available opportunities
  3. Advocacy action


  1. Access to education/training
  2. Fix the pay gap
  3. Confidence!

Vikki,28,United Kingdom

  1. Further economical support
  2. Facilitating working from home
  3. More stable and lasting contracts


  1. Support them and making them aware that they are not alone
  2. Provide more networking spaces for women entrepreneurs
  3. Prepare more training opportunities and open possibilities for learning


  1. Encourage societal change, especially amongst women themselves
  2. Leadership training and education (success and failure)
  3. Reinforce the skills, ability and efforts of every female entrepreneur


  1. Policies that allow for conciliation
  2. Valuing skills regardless of gender
  3. Continuous educational and training reprocessing


  1. More visibility of the currents women entrepreneurs as inspiration for those who are thinking in start a project
  2. More dissemination about the advantages and opportunities
  3. Events with successful women entrepreneurs to inspire and share concerns and ideas


  1. Make recruitment and selection welcoming to women
  2. Engage women with fulfilling work
  3. Take time to develop female talent


  1. Entrepreneurship should be taught in school from as early as primary school so that those with an entrepreneur spirit can know it as early as possible before it is too late
  2. As working women, we need to work hard in order to make a change by being successful and giving an example to those who follow us
  3. We should stop acting as victims if we do not think that we have been treated as if we had different rights for being women. We are what we believe ourselves to be. If we don’t believe that, who will?


  1. Facilitate support and counselling for the development of ideas and entrepreneurship projects and their feasibility
  2. Provide social and financial support that allow for the conciliation of the entrepreneurial and personal life (maternity, dependency)
  3. Encourage support from companies operating in the same field that allow for further support through additional administrative, financial and personnel resources in exchange for equity holdings

José luis,64,Spain

  1. Educate kids that children raising, and money earning are equal responsibilities
  2. Share more positive experiences about men involved in kid raising and how it's beneficial for whole family
  3. Sharing successful women story


  1. Equate remunerations
  2. Relieve of daily load in household-management tasks
  3. Give back the 'KI' during fruitful sport sessions (at work)


  1. Access to online-trainings on project development and project management for women's businesses
  2. Development of women's business network
  3. Support in innovative projects financing for women businesses


  1. Making them aware they are not inferior than men
  2. Providing more training opportunities both for student and worker women
  3. More childcare facilities


  1. No more pay gap
  2. Equal opportunities in accessing credit
  3. Enhancement of skills


  1. Community
  2. Digital & Entrepreneurship Skills
  3. Mission to drive positive change - especially on issues that disproportionately affect girls and wome










What 3 things can we do to empower Women Entrepreneurs?