WEgate Tips from the WEgate community on how they are keeping their businesses going during COVID-19

One of the things which kept - and still keeps - me sane during this COVID-19 outbreak is that I started to talk with all kind of people - friends, business partners, you name it - about lots of different things. I started to reach out by asking people for conversation, to mirror and share their experiences. It’s good to hear that everyone is in similar situations sometimes allow them to let loose but carrying each other all the while. I’ve chosen to be grateful and humble, and to focus on solving problems.

I (re)set my true north star (it’s a term from lean manufacturing), and just started to run. Do I have dark moments? Of course! Sometimes I think ‘Who do you think you are to think you can make this happen?’ And the answer is simple: ‘there is an opportunity, make it work – survive!’. I’m not fighting for myself, I’m fighting for my team, my suppliers, my customers – there is a lot of pressure on my shoulders but I’ve chosen to see this as a motivation and not as burden. This has nothing to do with being brave, this is desperation for survival. It’s also called business – every day you move a little stone, and in the end you move an entire mountain.

Lisa, 37, Portugal


My company has allowed the cultural and creative industries to continue their activity completely online through our software KrART (www.krartapp.com) and helping to generate new cultural projects through our collective patronage to minimize the effects of the Covid19.

Neila Sanz, 35, Spain

Our company has immediately reached out to our clients to discuss alternative ways of delivering their activities. So far, it has been a success. The pandemic has clearly shown that not every single activity needs to be a presencial event - where there's a will, there's a way :)

Isabel, 31, Belgium 


Write your actions here: When the COVID-19 crisis hit us, we mostly thought about what would make us different from the other companies. I would advise to always look for innovation. 

Anais, 25, France

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