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If you lack confidence or ideas, get inspired by these strong women. Find out how they overcame their challenges and what advice they may have for you.


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Soňa Pohlová
What started as an ambitious entry for a design competition has made Slovakian architect Soňa Pohlová and her partner into a team of ecological entrepreneurs. Soňa is part of a team of architects, who submitted a bid in 2009 for a competition to...
Melody Hossaini
To former The Apprentice contestant, Melody Hossaini, teaching young people to seek careers according to “who” they want to be when they are older rather than “what” could help them make decisions and live a happier life.
Marie Lora-Mungai
French journalist-turned-entrepreneur Marie Lora-Mungai was told as a child that she could do anything she wanted in life and she certainly did that. Aged 24, she made a bold decision to give up a career in New York to make it on her own in Africa...
Yaiza Canosa Ferrio
When Yaiza Canosa Ferrio set up her first business, it was a natural next step in her life-long mission to find solutions. Founder of four successful companies, she chose to become an entrepreneur motivated by her desire to help make people’s lives...
Tania Habimana
Just think: how many business women do you think of as role models? That question has been on entrepreneur Tania Habimana’s mind for a while now. She hosts a show on entrepreneurs in Africa. “I find that for every nine male entrepreneurs that I...
Karoli Hindriks
Estonian Karoli Hindriks says she got into business ‘ because life is too short not to make a difference in the world .’ CEO and founder of Jobbatical, a platform matching tech businesses with professionals looking to work abroad, Karoli is...
Marion Koopman
Marion Koopman found freedom when she was given a chance to run a marketing company. The opportunity to explore new paths and lead a business to success is what drives her forward. As the CEO of the Greenhouse Group, an Eindhoven-based company...
Danae Bezantakou
Managing Director of Navigator Shipping Consultants Ltd and President of the iforU Greek mentoring network
Apart from being managing director in her family business, Danae Bezantakou is a founding member of four non-profit organisations. She believes that supporting young entrepreneurs in the shipping sector is crucial to tackling the economic crisis and...
Baia Abuladze
Founder of Baia’s Wine
Baia Abuladze is the founder of Baia’s Wine, a young but successful vineyard in Georgia. Established in 2015 when Baia was just 22, the company has focused on forging direct contacts with wine shops and restaurants and establishing a niche in the...
Hanna Bruce
Owner and CEO of Växbo Lin
Hanna Bruce started working in the Växbo linen factory as a summer guide in 1993. Her grandmother was a keen weaver and spinner, and her grandfather was a furniture-maker, so perhaps the weaving tradition was in her genes. After many years away, she...