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If you lack confidence or ideas, get inspired by these strong women. Find out how they overcame their challenges and what advice they may have for you.


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Aida Nika
Founder and managing director of A.I.D.A
In 2009, Aida Nika founded A.I.D.A., a marketing services company which seeks to help entrepreneurs grow their companies into leading businesses. It offers services in various sectors, such as a virtual marketing department, search engine...
Aleksandra Đermanović
Founder and CEO of Mediacor
Aleksandra Đermanović has two master’s degrees: one in marketing communications and one in digital marketing. Having worked in advertising agencies, in copywriting and media, she decided to focus on digital media and founded her own agency in 2010...
Marie Amigues
CEO of Altagram GmbH
Marie-Laurence Amigues founded her first company in the video game localisation industry in Berlin, ten years ago. With her team and partners, they have worked for many well-known clients, such as Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Today,...
Sirpa Jalkanen
Researcher and co-founder of BioTie and Faron
Sirpa Jalkanen is a professor at the University of Turku (Finland) and specialises in the field of biomedical and clinical medicine. Together with her husband, she has founded two biotech companies developing drugs for cancer and harmful...
Marion Koopman
Marion Koopman found freedom when she was given a chance to run a marketing company. The opportunity to explore new paths and lead a business to success is what drives her forward. As the CEO of the Greenhouse Group, an Eindhoven-based company...
Aneta Antova-Pesheva
Owner and CEO of Ultra/Unet Group
After her university studies in electronics engineering and despite her parents’ disapproval, Aneta Antova-Pesheva decided to found her own business in 1988. Feeling that she needed a new challenge, she shared her first office with three former...
Danae Bezantakou
Managing Director of Navigator Shipping Consultants Ltd and President of the iforU Greek mentoring network
Apart from being managing director in her family business, Danae Bezantakou is a founding member of four non-profit organisations. She believes that supporting young entrepreneurs in the shipping sector is crucial to tackling the economic crisis and...
Mariarosy Calleri
Founder of Marden Entertainment
After a struggle to find her dream job, Mariarosy Calleri took matters into her own hands and started her own company instead. Apart from being a film and television writer, director and producer, Mariarosy is also the president of R.O.S.A. This non...
Elena Tanou
Vice-President of Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd
Sensing a tourism boom in Cyprus, Elena Tanou decided to study travel and tourism management. But she soon discovered competition between travel agencies was fierce. To stand out from the crowd, she decided to specialise in far-away destinations,...
Elisaveta Terziman-Gutu
Co-Founder and CMO of Fentury
Elisaveta Terziman-Gutu’s reason for creating her app ‘Fentury’ was personal: living on her own from a young age, she realised she needed a financial plan to help her understand where her money was going and how to cut unnecessary expenses. Early on...