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Karen Dolva
Picture Copyright: No Isolation Loneliness is one of the most prominent issues facing people today, increasing early mortality rates by 26% , and increasing the risk of heart disease and strokes by 29% and 32% respectively. Norwegian startup co-founder Karen Dolva established No Isolation , a tech company working to provide communication solutions to the issue. She is also one of the 4 winners of the EU Prize for Women Innovators , 2018.
Silvia Hecher
Picture copyright: Ivary Austrian startup founder Silvia...
02 June, 2017

Romanian fashion-forward entrepreneur inspires women’s creativity in business

I’m Alice Botnarenco and I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly 12 years. I’m the founder and the creative mind behind my beautiful brand ALISIA ENCO – a shirt and accessory brand for business women which I launched in 2014 in Bucharest, Romania. My business puts women’s creative side at the...
23 November, 2016

Why we should invest in women entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean region

Back in 2012 when the US was battling the economic crisis, Hillary Clinton, speaking at the APEC Women and the Economy Forum, said: "Limiting women's economic potential is, for every country, like leaving money on the table. It doesn't make sense, especially when we are still struggling to grow our...
15 November, 2016

More Women Than Ever Running Micro-Businesses: most don't earn a fortune but would still recommend it

Created by Stephen Batstone A report produced for the business service provider Vistaprint* has found that although most women micro-business** owners don't earn enormous amounts of money from the business, the benefits in terms of work-life balance, better control over their time, and the chance...
03 November, 2016

On balancing work and life

Created by Inge Geerdens Women on top are often hyped as professional role models. Think Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington and Beyoncé Knowles. But to most women in business, it seems there is something odd about being a female entrepreneur. Conversations tend to focus on the female part, not the...