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Foteini Valeonti
Founder of USEUM
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There are many challenges …faced when starting up, but the excitement outweighs any fear, long-hours, or lack of experience

©Paolo Gianfrancesco
Mariarosy Calleri
Founder of Marden Entertainment
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When we think in terms of how we can use our talents and skills to solve some problems in society or in some target communities, our life expands and new opportunities arise.

Sirpa Jalkanen
Researcher and co-founder of BioTie and Faron
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If you have found something potentially exploitable, go for it!

Marie Amigues
CEO of Altagram GmbH
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Do not define yourself by gender. 

It is tough to create a company whether you’re a man or a woman.

Marta lópez
Founder at BlueChip
Sofia Henriksen
Head chef at ORAWGI
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Supporting women worldwide
26 January, 2017

More Women Than Ever Running Micro-Businesses: most don't earn a fortune but would still recommend it

Created by Stephen Batstone A report produced for the business service provider Vistaprint* has found that although most women micro-business** owners don't earn enormous amounts of money from the business, the benefits in terms of work-life balance, better control over their time, and the chance...
Within the framework of CrossEUWBA, ITKAM and its consortium...
Objectives * To promote women entrepreneurs and those having...
Non - governmental and a non - profit seeking organization. Main...
The project crossEUWBA pursues the overall objective of...
HCCI is among the largest chambers of commerce in Greece with...
Supporting female entrepreneurship
Halona life world is a life project to start foreigners a new...
Our objective is to support entrepreneurial women.