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Paris becoming challenger to Silicon Valley for women in tech

17 August, 2017

The Parisian start-up scene is growing fast, especially for business women in high-tech industries, according to international fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar.


In 2016, the World Economic Forum ranked Paris the 9th city worldwide for female entrepreneurs.


The stereotype of Parisian women focusing purely on fashion needs updating. According to statistics from Paris Pionnières, in collaboration with, Paris has become an important centre for women-owned start-ups in Europe. Almost 1 in 4 Parisian women are currently entrepreneurs, with many of them in the technology sector.


A number of different initiatives have created a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs. The Station F project, for example, offers a large start-up campus. Under director Roxanne Varza, it will host over 3,000 desks, event spaces and investors’ offices as part of an interactive co-working space. “We're seeing more and more women in tech,” said Varza. She believes that this development is influenced by various factors, such as the increasing costs in Silicon Valley.


Programmes like La French Tech, designed to support tech entrepreneurship, and its offshoot, the French Tech Ticket, help foreigners as well as French business women to establish businesses.


According to Harper's Bazaar article, a sense for work-life balance as well as confidence in women’s competency and strength, are values that foster the entrepreneurial spirit of female entrepreneurs in France.