15 November, 2021

Finding funding is crucial to grow and scale your business. But fundraising is a challenging, time-consuming effort – especially if you are a women entrepreneur. So what better way to learn by having the United Kingdom’s business angel investor of the year ready to take your all questions?

On 15 November 14h CET, tune into our WEGate Webinar with Deepali Nangia, organized by Business Angels Europe and moderated by Jenny Tooth OBE.

Deepali is an advisor to female founders and an angel investor with a keen interest in digital health, femtech, and sustainability. Deepali invests in female founders/mixed teams and some of her investments include LiveBetterWith, PensionBee, Polipop, Parla, Planera, Kama Labs, Sano Genetics, Shell Works, SideQuest, Juno Bio, Flown, Okko and Yhangry. Deepali is also a co-founder at Alma Angels (, set up to democratize and demystify angel investing and create more female angel investors that invest into female founders. She is also an Atomico Angel and a Venture Partner at Speedinvest (where she focuses on female founders). Deepali is UKBAA's Angel Investor of the Year.

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