02 June, 2022

Fostering community and sharing knowledge will only highlight the incredible organizations built for helping women entrepreneurs and boosting women's entrepreneurship. We are always looking for a variety of practices addressing numerous aspects of the entrepreneurship development process. Join our webinar and find out more about empowering female leadership through entrepreneurship. Their inspirational stories and experience will give you access to information on opportunities, the latest trends and insights on women's entrepreneurship, and best practices that can be easily replicated in any region across Europe.

Date & Time: Jun 2, 2022 01:00 PM CET
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Meet our speakers:

Eri Pavlaki

Co-founder and CEO of Women Do Business 

Eri Pavlaki holds an MSc degree in International Law, Diplomacy Studies & Human Rights. She is professionally experienced in various fields, while she had also taken over the management of a family business active in the sector of imports & trade. She occupied herself with Marketing and B2B sales of various companies in Crete. She was the founder and chairwoman of the voluntary association "I'm Still a Child" for abused and needy children. She was identified as a trainee and mentor in Erasmus+ activities. Eri Pavlaki has supported several respective social projects as a Leader or Project Manager during her social activism. Through her actions in Civil Society, she has directly or indirectly benefited almost 11,000 people. Together with her partner, she has founded Women Do Business, a non-profit organization that promotes women's entrepreneurship and the removal of stereotypes through various actions. Their goals is to promote women's entrepreneurship, to inspire, motivate and support women who want to implement their idea as a business. To change restrictive beliefs and stereotypes around women through their promotion in business.



Patricia M. Montesinos

Board Member, Co-Founder and President of FE+MALE think thank

I am establishing a non-profit FE+MALE Thinktank headquartered in Zürich. FE+MALE believes we can close the gender gap by uplifting females in entrepreneurship and in science. To get so, we do engage stakeholders in scientific research. FE+MALE Think Tank ( Also, I have recently launched a consulting and retreats boutique ( aimed at women in business and entrepreneurs, in which we offer:

• Business advice in particular in B2B and business internationalization

• Thematic retreats covering pressing topics

• Promote lifestyle brands on an e-commerce platform

Through women change-makers, we support an initiative that pursues to empower young girls and women by training them in Entrepreneurship in Namibia. Besides that, I interact with the start-up community as a start-up coach, jury member and as investor. I bring many years of experience in B2B and international expansion strategies having succeeded in growing businesses in a significant number of countries in the Americas and Europe within the publishing, fashion, architecture and consultancy industries. On a personal level, I enjoy practising all kinds of sports, travelling with my family and writing books. In 2019, I published “Female entrepreneurs and Investors, we dare but we do not match”. Currently conceptualizing a series of short books.