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Karoli Hindriks
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Karoli Hindriks
CEO and founder of Jobbatical, Estonia


Marion Koopman
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Marion Koopman

CEO of the Greenhouse Group

The Netherlands

Foteini Valeonti
Founder of USEUM
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There are many challenges …faced when starting up, but the excitement outweighs any fear, long-hours, or lack of experience

©Paolo Gianfrancesco
Mariarosy Calleri
Founder of Marden Entertainment
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When we think in terms of how we can use our talents and skills to solve some problems in society or in some target communities, our life expands and new opportunities arise.

Sirpa Jalkanen
Researcher and co-founder of BioTie and Faron
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If you have found something potentially exploitable, go for it!

Marta lópez
Founder at BlueChip
Sofia Henriksen
Head chef at ORAWGI
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Supporting women worldwide
16 June, 2017

Une femme entrepreneur roumaine encourage les femmes d'affaires à faire preuve de créativité

Je m’appelle Alice Botnarenco et je suis chef d’entreprise depuis 12 ans. C’est moi qui ai fondé et créé la ravissante marque ALISIA ENCO, qui confectionne des chemises et des accessoires pour les femmes d’affaires. J’ai lancé cette marque en 2014, à Bucarest. Mon entreprise met en avant la...
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#womentools #WEgate una piattaforma europea che nasce appositamente per mettere in contatto #donne #imprenditrici...

RT @OpJoy2014: #CNNisISIS & #HillaryClinton #WeGate

RT @OpJoy2014: #CNNisISIS & #HillaryClinton #WeGate

#CNNisISIS & #HillaryClinton #WeGate

Join the International Forum on Women and Trade: connect 1 million women to market by 2020…

RT @EEN_EU: Stay on top of all the news in the world of #WomenEntrepreneurship: subscribe to the #WEgate newsletter:…

RT @EEN_EU: Stay on top of all the news in the world of #WomenEntrepreneurship: subscribe to the #WEgate newsletter:…

RT @ArcaIncubatore: Stay on top of all the news in the world of #WomenEntrepreneurship: subscribe to the #WEgate newsletter:……

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