• WEgate is calling on its users to provide engaging contributions to the ‘Blog’ section of the website. The contributions will help drive visitors and stimulate interest in the subject, and may be used or repurposed to further disseminate the blogger and WEgate’s activities.

  • For the contributor, it is chance to air knowledge, stimulate discussion and for users to get to know you (and yourorganisationor company). Only entries that meet the standards and expectations of the blog service will be published. The themes that will be part of the selection criteria are quite broad but they should be somehow linked to female entrepreneurship. The following list, though not exhaustive, should provide guidance: personal experience; gender issues; money and finance; education and backgrounds; research, innovation and technology; start-ups and growing businesses; management and operations; people skills (HR, mobility, training, etc.); general business; international issues; local, regional, national issues; policies, measures and initiatives.

  • Best practices:

    • you can draft in any official EU language;
    • the title of the blog post should be around 10words, body text should be between approximately 300 and 500words.

  • By submitting a text for publication, the contributor gives his/her consent to publish it on theWEgatewebsite and related dissemination channels and represents and warrants that the text is his/her own original creation and that he/she owns all rights.

  • If needed, the editorial team will sub-edit for style, typos and obvious language issues, but the idea should be to keep thecolourof the person’s contribution intact.

  • Contributions that do not match the needs of the site and purpose of the Blog section will not be chosen; in some cases they may be sent back to the contributor for clarification, if considered still worth pursuing.

  • No payments will be made for contributions.

  • Images can be supplied to accompany the blog. By submitting an image, the contributor represents and warrants that he/she owns all rights or has obtained all necessary permissions from the image author(s)/copyright holder(s). If applicable, the contributor represents and warrants that he/she has obtained permission of the person(s) represented in the image. By supplying the image, the contributor gives his/her consent to publish it on theWEgatewebsite and related dissemination channels. The contributor should state clearly who to credit for the image (i.e. ©XXXX). WEgatereserves its right to refuse the publication of an image (if it is deemed inappropriate).

  • A blog submitted in any official EU language will be translated in order to make it availablein English, German and French

WEgatereserves its right to modify these Rules of Engagement at any time. Any modification about these rules will be updated in this website to inform users.