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Women make up 52% of the total European population but only 34.4% of the European Union (EU) self-employed and 30% of start-up entrepreneurs.

In 2012, only 29% of active entrepreneurs were women in Europe-39 (27 EU countries, the United Kingdom, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North-Macedonia, Kosovo, Iceland, Turkey, Montenegro, Moldavia, Armenia, Ukraine and Serbia) .

In 2012, the top five countries with the highest entrepreneurship rates for women were Greece, Albania, Portugal, Italy and Croatia.

Many blame the low figures on the lack of confidence and fear of failure.

What we know for sure is that when establishing and running a business, women face challenges like access to finance, information, business networks and training, and reconciling business and family. We cannot tackle all of these at the same time, but we want to make sure that women have all the possible support tools at their disposal.

What is WEgate?

A growing and diverse number of stakeholders are engaging to support women entrepreneurs across Europe. The European Gateway for Women’s entrepreneurship WEgate is an e-platform launched by the European Commission to support this network.

WEgate is not an organisation as such. It does not provide support services or advice, nor has commercial purposes. It is an online gateway to useful and inspiring information, mostly presented through a short description text and useful web links.

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*Source: ‘Statistical data on Women entrepreneurs in Europe’ (September 2014)