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Sabien Windels
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CEO of ROOF FOOD, Belgium Green fingered-entrepreneur runs rooftop-based urban farming business

Jeanette Forbes
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CEO of PCL Group, United Kingdom From receptionist, secretary and working mum to award-winning entrepreneur and CEO

Soňa Pohlová
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Co-founder of Ecocapsule, Slovakia From architecture to entrepreneurship through a sustainable luxury smart house

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Melody Hossaini
Melody Hossaini
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Founder of social enterprise InspirEngage, UK

Ask girls “who” they want to be not “what” 

Marie Lora-Mungai
Marie Lora-Mungai
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Restless Global Marie Lora-Mungai, France

“Raise women entrepreneurs by encouraging limitless ambition” 

Marta López
Founder at BlueChip
Sofia Henriksen
Head chef at ORAWGI
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02 June, 2017

Romanian fashion-forward entrepreneur inspires women’s creativity in business

I’m Alice Botnarenco and I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly 12 years. I’m the founder and the creative mind behind my beautiful brand ALISIA ENCO – a shirt and accessory brand for business women which I launched in 2014 in Bucharest, Romania. My business puts women’s creative side at the...
We fund small and large company to expand their business and...
Established in 2001, DNC is a Study Abroad and Immigration...
Macedonian Chambers of Commerce pioneers women entrepreneur and...
Helping women in tech with business and business women with tech.
Director of European Affairs
Consultancy in Euro-Arab Business Women Cooperation